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Good News: LVTC’s Undergraduates Won the First Prize in 10th Social Science Award Marketing Contest of University 2018-2019

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News from News Center (Text and Photos by Zhou Yin from School of Trade and Tourism Management) A piece of good news fell on May 26, 2019: at the award ceremony of the 10th Social Science Award Marketing Contest of University held in Jiaozuo, Henan, China, the “Winning Marketing Team”, which consisted of Grade 2017 marketing teachers and majors from School of Trade and Tourism Management, won the first national prize. Student leader Luo Fengzhao won the “Best Leadership Award”, instructor Zhou Yin won the “Famous Teacher of Marketing Teaching Award” and the team won the “Excellent Organization Award”.

Under the guide of National Academy of Economic Strategy and Torch High Technology Industry Development Center Ministry of Science and Technology, the Contest was jointly sponsored by Chinese Association of Market Development and, Graduate Employment Association of Ministry of Education’s National University Modern Distant Education Collaboration Team and Graduate Employment Association under the Ministry of Education, and co-sponsored by Henan University of Technology. It has attracted nearly 1,875 teams from 278 colleges and universities across the country, lasting 11 months and covering 31 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government and autonomous regions. After strong competition and several rounds of selection, 102 teams were selected to the final contest. Our team performed so well that they won the second prize in the semi-finals and was selected to the final contest. They cooperated with all endeavors and won the first prize finally, fully demonstrating the best of our students with excellent professional skills and impressing others.

From the very beginning of the Contest, our leaders have attached great importance to it. The three instructors of the marketing teaching team, namely, Yu Qiu, Zhou Yin and Meng Liucui, were guiding and helping the students all the time. Thanks to their work, the students have improved their planning ability of marketing and sales skills through centralized training.

This Contest has not only improved the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students, but also cultivated their good psychological quality and professional quality, while reflecting the effect of professional construction and educational teaching reform and promoting the construction of teaching teams and the all-round development of students.


 Group photo of LVTC’s instructor and students







Team show



Impressive presentation of our students